Monday, October 20, 2014

Our Weekend

We had a nice weekend.  My Dad and Suzy came up and they took us out to eat for my birthday.  Noah looks done with dinner in this photo.

We went to church and in the kids program, they were talking about some of the amazing stories in the bible.  Ben was so intrigued in David and Goliath and Nebuchadnezzar (thank you Google) that he came home and wanted to make a lego Jesus.  Bens left eye is swollen.  Not sure what was wrong with it, but it's better today.

We usually have bacon every Sunday when we make waffles.  But on Saturday, Ben asked for bacon.  I told him we'll make it on Sunday.  To which he replied, "come on Mom, I won 52 packs!"  How could I turn him down?

 I found this picture on my camera from my birthday.  That was my yummy cheesecake David made me.  We halved the recipe and it looked more like a tart, but it tasted delicious!

We also went out to take our family photos with our friends.  Oh, this is always such a crazy time.  It's chaos and kids being crazy.  But, it certainly is pretty, and I'm always grateful that we took the time to take the pictures.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Great Day

My birthday on Saturday was such a great day.  We don't veer off our normal path too often, so a fun day in Phoenix was awesome.

We headed to my BFF's Mom's house to visit with Baby Keegan.  He belongs to Pam's sister, Katie.  This kid is just adorable.  Ben was freakin' out a little holding him.

Noah LOVES him.  After we left, he kept saying I like Keegan's little feet.  I like Keegan's little hands.  Keegan's little ears are soooo cute.  It's sweet seeing Noah being so sweet.

And Emily will have a babysitting business before too long.  She is so good with him.

Oh, I love this squeeshy kid.  David said he looks like the Gerber baby, and he does!

Me and my BFF, Pam.

Then, we took the kids to my Moms since she was watching them while we went to dinner and the hockey game.  There are some stray cats that live in and around her backyard.  My Mom feeds them.  This was a little kitty that my Mom named Pretty Pretty.  I think Noah played with those cats for hours.

We got to visit with my Aunt Bille and her boys Mike and Rory for a bit.  They were in town visiting and it's been ages since I've seen them.  It was a nice visit.

Then, we went to dinner and the hockey game.  Our seats were awesome!  It was such a good game.  We won in overtime!

Then, we got the kids and drove back up to Prescott.  We were home by 11:00.  It was a wonderful day!

I had seen on the news that Phoenix is getting fogged due to the mosquitos.  They are doing like 100 neighborhoods.  Each time, it's about a mile that they do.  Well, Saturday night, they were doing an area 1/2 mile from my Mom's house which was probably a good thing because this is what Noah's legs looked like the next morning.  He probably had 50-75 mosquito bites.

Ben had maybe 10.  Emily none, but she was wearing pants.  Ben wasn't outside much.  They really liked Noah!  He's better already though.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Noah's First Book

It's tradition when the kids bring home their first book from Kindergarten that I get them reading their first book on video. Noah brought his home today.

You can see Ben's first book here.

You can see Emily's first book here.

When I watch Ben and Emily's video, it makes me want to cry. They were so tiny. Especially Emily with her pig tails. Now, she's big and load and will barely let me brush her hair.

Friday, October 10, 2014


I turn 41 tomorrow.  Holy crap, how did that happen?  I swear I was just 11, like yesterday.

We don't usually plan a lot for my birthday or David's birthday.  We just want to hang out with our kids and maybe have one of our favorite meals and cake.  That's what we planned to do with my birthday on Saturday.

But, we won that bacon contest a month ago, and part of the win was a free pair of Coyotes tickets.  They are the hockey team in Phoenix.  We finally got our package on Wednesday and the tickets are for Saturday, my birthday.  Gee, talk about short notice.  We weren't sure if we'd go or what we'd do with the kids, but I knew my husband would never pass up center ice 15th row seats to a hockey game.  They are $125 tickets.  Each!  And even though a hockey game is not my most favorite thing in the world, spending time with my husband is.  And dinner and a hockey game alone with my husband on my birthday is a great way to spend the evening.

We are heading down early to visit my best friend Pam for a bit.  Then, my Mom offered to watch the kiddos while we went out.  So, we'll drop them off at her house and then head out for our night of fun.  

That meant that David had to make my cheesecake last night, so we can have an early piece today since we'll be gone almost the entire day on my birthday.  Here is the during.  Noah had to help of course.  

Homemade cheesecake is always my favorite!

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Today, I woke up and the recycle bin was overflowing.  I made a mental note to take it out after I did some work, cleaned the kitchen, started laundry, fed the kids and the dog and got myself a cup of coffee.  But, then my kids got creative and took one of my chores off my to do list.  They made robots at the museum we went to over the summer, and they wanted to do that again.  So, they gathered whatever they could find out of the recycle bin. I plugged in the hot glue gun and they were off.

Noah's kept having technical difficulties and limbs were coming off, but I'm impressed he did it all on his own.

Now, I wonder what art they can make out of my disaster that I call my bathroom.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mickey Mouse

Ben wanted Mickey Mouse ears for his trinket from Disneyland.  The second we got home, he went straight to his dress up bin and created this creation. He even cut out a round nose and buttons from construction paper and taped them on. He's a creative genius. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Cali ~ Day 7, Newport Beach Part 4

You'd think the kids would get bored after 4 beach days in a row, but they don't. I think we could this every day for a long long time before they said, "The beach? Again?" I guess we'll never find out though.

This morning started with sending the boys out for donuts to this little Mom and Pop place. It was just about the sweetest donut delivery I've ever seen.
 photo IMG_3994_zps927f14dc.jpg

It's a good thing we didn't try this place until the second to last day or we'd be getting donuts every day. Needless to say, we are getting them tomorrow before we leave. They are so good. I was telling Emily in bed last night that at 12 years old, I went to work every weekend making and selling donuts. I went to school Monday through Friday, and I worked usually 6 AM to 2 PM every Saturday and Sunday. It's hard to believe I was only two years older than her and I was working.

We headed to the beach for more fun in the sun.
 photo IMG_3997_zpse5f16aa6.jpg

 photo IMG_3998_zps6f38b349.jpg

The waves were much bigger today and David and Em were catching everything they hopped on.
 photo IMG_3999_zps48578fd8.jpg

Then, they got too big for my girl.
 photo IMG_4004_zps018fedce.jpg

Noah didn't eat all his bread from lunch, so they fed it to the birds. Then, they had so much fun doing that, they sent me home for all the leftover bread in the house!
 photo IMG_4010_zps7ede51bb.jpg

David was helping Ben and Em catch waves. I felt better with him out there with them since the waves were crazy big today.
 photo IMG_4019_zpsff0c1f6c.jpg

We played some frisbee.
 photo IMG_4025_zpsf81d8aac.jpg

Noah loves when David swings him like this. It makes David want to puke.
 photo IMG_4029_zpsb0cdfcce.jpg

There is always a wrestling match, even in the water.
 photo IMG_4032_zps41d916c5.jpg

 photo IMG_4035_zps5050cd65.jpg

David won.
 photo IMG_4040_zps6bfb7535.jpg

Some loving. I wish they could be sweet like this to each other all the time.
 photo IMG_4060_zps5b82f0f9.jpg

We went home, showered, made burgers for dinner and took off on our bikes. Three miles down the board walk there is a pier with a Ruby's Diner at the end. That means milkshakes!
 photo IMG_4062_zps6eaa1632.jpg

We stopped because the waves were HUGE. I've never seen Cali waves this big. And I got in one photo just to prove I was here besides a few iphone selfies.
 photo IMG_4072_zps0c840203.jpg
 photo IMG_4069_zpsd1cf1ab6.jpg

Then, if you turned around from where those two pictures were taken, you'd see this. Newport Beach Elementary School. I guess that's where all the rich kids go. Talk about a view!
 photo IMG_4076_zps28c72734.jpg

Em got a banana split. David got some sundae. The boys and I got milkshakes.
 photo IMG_4080_zpsad86349a.jpg
 photo IMG_4081_zps23c0d43f.jpg
 photo IMG_4082_zps43abc4d4.jpg

Then, we rode home. The board walk was way less crowded, so that made it easier than the other day.

We head home tomorrow. Nobody wants to leave. Seriously, we could have months here and be okay with that. Oh well, we'll get donuts in the morning to console ourselves. :)