Monday, November 17, 2014

48 Hours

We have packed so much into 48 hours. Today started with these huge donuts. 

We needed nourishment for our 2.5 mile walk to the Field Museum. But, we passed The Bean and had to get some photos. It was super cool to see the reflection of the city in the bean. 

The walk took twice as long because we kept stopping for pics. 

We finally made it and saw Sue, the t-Rex. 

The museum was awesome. We could've spent the entire day there. We left after lunch. It was about zero degrees with the wind chill. I was warm but my legs were freezing. 

We walked the 2.5 miles back and went to Portillos. David had a hot dog with everything and I had an Italian beef sandwich. Yum!

Then, we came back to warm up. My little pork chop legs felt like they were in a meat locker. 

We bundled back up and walked the mile to the John Hancock Tower, 95 stories up. Wow!  It was dusk so we walked around once and it looked like day. Our second lap, all the lights were on. It was awesome timing. 

Then we walked another mile to eat at Lou Malnati's. We kept it light with wings, soup, and salad. 

Then, what else do you do when it's below zero outside?  You get frozen custard!  So, we walked a half mile for that. And it was so worth it!

My feet are sore and we are wiped out. We head to the airport in the morning. We had the greatest anniversary. After 11 years of marriage and 12 years together, there is nobody that I'd rather spend my days with. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Our Surprise and Anniversay

Wow!  What a trip we've had in just two days. We arrived in Chicago yesterday afternoon. We rented a car and drove two hours south to Uncle Jim and Aunt Linda's house. It was her 50th birthday and we were surprising her. She was very surprised. 

We had a great time at their house. They are wonderful hosts. The made a huge breakfast for us this morning. It was a short and lovely visit. 

This is their two daughters jenny and Sarah. 

We drove to Chicago and check in to our hotel. We headed straight for deep dish pizza. 

It's a little cold in Chicago in November. Below freezing. 

We found this great restaurant / store called Eataly. Like Italy. It's Mario Battali's place and super cool. David was in stinky cheese heaven. 

Tomorrow is more yummy food. Maybe a museum and exploring this awesome city. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ben's Blog

I haven't felt much like blogging lately. I want to do a post about my sister, but I know it will be emotionally draining and I just keep putting it off. So, I'm not writing anything.

The good news is Ben has been writing on his blog. You can read it here. It's some fiction some non fiction. Mainly, it's just Ben's imagination at it's finest. Sometimes he blogs from my phone and for someone who doesn't know how to type, it takes him awhile. I admire his dedication.

David and I are headed to Page, Arizona for a weekend getaway for our anniversary. We've been married for 11 years tomorrow, together for 12. Wow! Where does the time go? I'm looking forward to a little time away with him. My Mom is coming up to watch the kids. Page isn't quite as hopping as Vegas, from last year, but I've been wanting to see some National Parks in Page. They are just stunning, and I can't believe I've never been when they are only 3 hours away.

That's it. Over and out.

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Our Halloween was pretty awesome. The kids love getting dressed up.

Noah was a ninja turtle....again.

Ben was Harry Potter.

Emily was going to be gymnast, but decided it wasn't Halloweeny enough. So, she was an Indian...again.

We went to our friends house first and had a yummy spread with chili and all the fixings.

Here's Em and her friend Alanah, who was a kitty cat.

We went trick or treating and got loads of candy.

We went to another friends for dessert and cocoa.

Then, we came home and crashed.

It was a long, fun, wonderful night!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Around Our House

Last Monday, October 20th, my sister, Tammy, passed away.  She was 45.  She battled drug addiction her entire life and her body just quit.  I want to write a well thought out post about my sister, but I just can't yet.  It's been a rough 11 days.

So, onto other news around our house because the world keeps on turning despite my sorrow.

First, the kids got their report cards.  Emily got Prinicpal's List, all A's.

Ben got Honor Roll.  He missed Principal's List with only one B+ in expresses complete thoughts.  Funny, because I would think that would be an area Ben would get an A+ at, but I'd give Ben an A+ in everything.
They don't do assembly's for the kids until they reach third grade, so this was Ben's first.  He was super excited to get a ribbon.

And.....Ben lost ANOTHER tooth.  He lost six I think in about 6 months.  This one was almost tragic.  Ben had a pair of nunchucks in his mouth and Noah pulled them.  The tooth, which was already loose, came out and Ben couldn't find it.  It was lost in the sofa somewhere.  He was all worried the tooth fairy wouldn't come if we couldn't find the tooth.  I moved cushions very slowly and there it was, under a seat cushion.  Thank goodness it didn't fall any farther or we never would have found it.

He looks like a Jack O Lantern.

We carved our pumpkins last night.  My kids like doing this, but aren't super into it, so I bought two pumpkins.  One to carve, and one to keep out as decoration through Thanksgiving.  But, Emily had to have her own when she saw this owl template we had.  So, we carved them both.  The kids helped.

They helped for about two minutes.  Then, they went to watch Charlie Brown's Halloween and it was up to David and I.

Ben and Noah agreed on eyes, nose and mouth.  Noah is learning shapes, so he said he wanted the rhombus nose.  Impressive.

And here's Emily's owl.

Noah's classroom had a pumpkin party today before school.  Since David almost always drops them off for school, he got to go.  I was glad since I'm in the classroom often, and it's nice for him to go and get to be with Noah.

They were pumpkin parents for a day and had to take care of their pumpkins.

Tonight is Halloween, and the kids are super excited to dress up.  Ben is being Harry Potter.  Noah is a ninja turtle, same as last year.  And Emily is a gymnast.  I did not spend a penny on Halloween costumes this year.  I love that.

We are also having a fun night with our friends.  A chili and mummy dog party before.  Then, trick or treating.  Then, smores and a bonfire in the culd de sac after.  FUN!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Our Weekend

We had a nice weekend.  My Dad and Suzy came up and they took us out to eat for my birthday.  Noah looks done with dinner in this photo.

We went to church and in the kids program, they were talking about some of the amazing stories in the bible.  Ben was so intrigued in David and Goliath and Nebuchadnezzar (thank you Google) that he came home and wanted to make a lego Jesus.  Bens left eye is swollen.  Not sure what was wrong with it, but it's better today.

We usually have bacon every Sunday when we make waffles.  But on Saturday, Ben asked for bacon.  I told him we'll make it on Sunday.  To which he replied, "come on Mom, I won 52 packs!"  How could I turn him down?

 I found this picture on my camera from my birthday.  That was my yummy cheesecake David made me.  We halved the recipe and it looked more like a tart, but it tasted delicious!

We also went out to take our family photos with our friends.  Oh, this is always such a crazy time.  It's chaos and kids being crazy.  But, it certainly is pretty, and I'm always grateful that we took the time to take the pictures.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Great Day

My birthday on Saturday was such a great day.  We don't veer off our normal path too often, so a fun day in Phoenix was awesome.

We headed to my BFF's Mom's house to visit with Baby Keegan.  He belongs to Pam's sister, Katie.  This kid is just adorable.  Ben was freakin' out a little holding him.

Noah LOVES him.  After we left, he kept saying I like Keegan's little feet.  I like Keegan's little hands.  Keegan's little ears are soooo cute.  It's sweet seeing Noah being so sweet.

And Emily will have a babysitting business before too long.  She is so good with him.

Oh, I love this squeeshy kid.  David said he looks like the Gerber baby, and he does!

Me and my BFF, Pam.

Then, we took the kids to my Moms since she was watching them while we went to dinner and the hockey game.  There are some stray cats that live in and around her backyard.  My Mom feeds them.  This was a little kitty that my Mom named Pretty Pretty.  I think Noah played with those cats for hours.

We got to visit with my Aunt Bille and her boys Mike and Rory for a bit.  They were in town visiting and it's been ages since I've seen them.  It was a nice visit.

Then, we went to dinner and the hockey game.  Our seats were awesome!  It was such a good game.  We won in overtime!

Then, we got the kids and drove back up to Prescott.  We were home by 11:00.  It was a wonderful day!

I had seen on the news that Phoenix is getting fogged due to the mosquitos.  They are doing like 100 neighborhoods.  Each time, it's about a mile that they do.  Well, Saturday night, they were doing an area 1/2 mile from my Mom's house which was probably a good thing because this is what Noah's legs looked like the next morning.  He probably had 50-75 mosquito bites.

Ben had maybe 10.  Emily none, but she was wearing pants.  Ben wasn't outside much.  They really liked Noah!  He's better already though.