Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tag, It's A Serious Sport

DAvid and the kids play tag. It's loud and screaming and crying is always involved. I stay out of it and head to the bedroom with the door shut.

It's such a serious sporting event around here, that the kids made rules and everyone had to sign. I like the upper right, in case 911. Tag can get rough around here.

Front and back. Notice the spaghetti dinner stains all over it? It's that important.

Then, after the kids get all sweaty from tag, it's time for a shower. This is Noah's hair after I fluff it with a towel.

Yep, it's a fun night in our household!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Another Microwave and Glasses

Oh my gosh, is this actually happening again???
Why yes, it is. We are on our third microwave in 7 years. It's insane. The funny thing is we barely use it. We use it to heat water for David's oatmeal and I use it to eat my coffee about 5 times in the morning since I can usually only take 2 sips, then make the kids breakfast, take a sip, pack lunches, now it's cold, heat for 30 seconds, take a sip, go fix hair and make sure teeth are brushed, clean up kitchen, coffee is cold again, another 30 seconds. That's how every morning goes. My point is we don't cook anything in it, maybe some vegetables. But we rarely even heat up a meal in there. All of our friends in this neighborhood are still on their original Whirlpool. Life isn't fair. Wah, wah, wah. Our friends lent us their little white counter microwave from their trailer while we waited for ours to come in. They are so sweet.

David walks the dog everyday for 45 minutes. Now that the kids are a little older and can be left for a short amount of time, I've been going with him sometimes. It's nice to talk uninterrupted.

We came home from our walk the other night and Noah was watching a movie with my Dad's glasses on. He doesn't need glasses. In fact, they are reading glasses. Noah, why are you wearing Papa's glasses? And he just laughs. This kid makes me smile.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Ah Ha Moment That Was Misundersood

So, I wrote a post a few days ago, and I deleted it 90 minutes after I posted it. Apparently, in that 90 minutes, I think every possible person that reads my blog, read it and it concerned everybody, except my Dad.

I wish I would've kept it, but I hit delete and it's gone in cyberspace, never to be seen again.

Here's what happened in case you missed it, and I'll try to explain myself better.

I was talking about my kids and how they do things half ass in school, etc and how it drives me crazy. That post is still up, you can read it. I was just like my kids when I was a kid. They could get 100% in every subject, but they don't want to do the work. They are cool with a 94% or 88% if it means less work and effort.

Then, I'm picking them up from school and realized, I'm still like that. I do so many things half ass because I'm either too lazy or it just isn't that important. Last weekend, it rained the entire weekend and we did absolutely nothing. I was reading Gone Girl on my new kindle and instead of just enjoying the lazy day, I thought about all the things I should be doing, but wasn't. It was this internal struggle all weekend...the toilets need to be cleaned, oh, but this book is so good. Just one more chapter...the laundry is waiting.

I went on to talk about maybe 10 things that I don't do as well as I could. I wasn't ripping on myself, or at least I didn't think so. I was pointing out areas that I feel I could work on and that it bothers me that I don't do anything about it, like my messy house or lack of desire to exercise.

For example, I get ready in about 5 minutes. Hair, make up, clothes. I don't put a lot of effort in to it. I think I should. I beat myself up that I get a hair cut once a year. I should put more effort into my make up instead of being good with just some powder, mascara and lip gloss. My friends all take more time to get ready and get hair cuts every 6 weeks. I must be lazier than all of them. But, what I finally realized, and this was my huge ah ah moment, was that none of it matters.

I don't mean that I let myself go. I don't think that at all. I can get ready in 5 minutes, and I still look great. I don't spend more than 60 seconds on my hair because I don't need to. My hair has always been fabulous. Seriously, long or short, curly or straight...I have great hair. I wasn't ripping on myself because I don't spend more time to look like a stepford wife. I was trying to say that I always think I should put in more effort, and I've finally realized that it doesn't matter. In the grand scheme, it doesn't matter if I put my hair in a bun for five days straight. Seriously, let it go. We all do things half ass for some reason or another and it's not a big deal. My reason is typically that I need to get my kids ready for school, make them breakfast and pack their lunch. They will remember that I did that for them every day. They will not remember that my hair was in a bun while doing it.

I felt so good about my ah ha moment. Gone, are the days of beating myself up for what I should or could be doing better. I'm a fabulous mother and a wonderful wife. I run this house. I was sick recently for 10 days and let me tell you, things were falling apart in 24 hours. Could I do some things better in the wife, mother and personal growth areas? Of course! But, who can't? If someone can't sit and list 10 things they could be doing better, than they need a reality check. My whole point of my ah ha moment was sometimes I get hung up on those things and it gets to me, like really gets to me. I finally got that I need to let it go.

Ben's room is always a pit. Well, maybe it's not that bad, but it's cluttered. I walk in and this wave of panic comes over me like I need to start cleaning it immediately. I realized, it doesn't matter. He loves his room. He plays hard in his room. It's a mess because his imagination runneth over. And who am I to stifle that? It's his room. It's a pit. Shut the door and let it go. I finally got it. 10 years from now, when my kids are gone, I won't care or probably even remember that his room was a pit. I'll long for the days when I would be in the kitchen making dinner and I could hear him down the hall in his room having the time of his life.

Emily doesn't get excited about going to piano. I used to feel like she should, like she should get super excited about going or we are just wasting our time and money. But, you know what? She goes every week. She practices some, and she is progressing. Why do I get in a fight with her every Monday about how I feel she should be acting as we leave for piano? It's stupid. She goes, she plays, she likes it. I would never force my kids to do anything. So, take a chill pill Gina and just let her be her. If she seems like she puts a half ass effort into it sometimes, who cares? Seriously. She's not going to be Beethoven. I'm just proud that she has come so far and I hope she continues with it. I'm so impressed when she just sits down and starts playing a new song. She rocks! I need to embrace that about her, not bitch and feel deflated because she's not as excited as I think she needs to be. I need to let it go. Gosh, this feel great!

I don't know how to work my camera? My garden is a mess? Yep, no big deal. It's been in the back of my mind for 6 years that I should improve in those areas. It obviously isn't that important to me. I take nice pictures and I can only grow 500 tomatoes, nothing else grows. I'm golden. Heck, I have more tomatoes than I what to do with, and I don't even like tomatoes.

So, that was my whole point. I'm not saying my kids should strive for a life of doing things half ass and living a life of mediocracy. My whole ah ha moment was simply that it doesn't matter. The little things that I obsess over and beat myself up about, and literally let ruin my day sometimes, are just not important in the grand scheme. I was so happy. It felt so liberating.

But, David came home and read my post and took it that I was ripping on myself and he didn't agree with any of it. I was shocked. That wasn't what I meant at all. Everything I wrote was 100% honest. I didn't list all my great qualities because that wasn't what it was about. It was about my flaws and how I finally get that I don't need to worry about it. But, I'm happy that my husband read all my flaws and said he doesn't see me that way at all. I'm glad he looks at me and sees his beautiful, smart, funny wife. I would be miserable if he saw my flaws first. But, we all have flaws. We just don't normally list them all on a page for the world to read, and he didn't like it. So, I deleted it.

My best friend read it and sent me a text wondering if I was okay. Alright, nobody is understanding me. She sees all the good in me too! Not a bad thing. Since then, I feel like everybody who read it thinks I'm depressed and I'm touched by all the concern, but honestly, I am not depressed. I wasn't writing it out of a place of sadness. I was honestly so happy; until I got feedback and realized that nobody got it. My Dad got it though. He laughed and said that it's good that I've learned to not sweat the small stuff. Right on Pops!

David and I had our go rounds about it and I'm losing sleep over it. He thought I must be down on myself and he's lined up a date day for us this weekend and got a sitter for the kids. Really? I should be misunderstood more often! But, it just made me more frustrated that nobody understood me. I just wanted to scream from the mountains that it's okay to not accomplish everything you think you should, and that I shouldn't beat my kids up for being kids. Truly, it's unrealistic. I've let it go, and I felt like a huge weight was lifted. But, nobody heard me, or they heard me, but didn't get what I was saying. If my husband and best friend of 26 years didn't get it, then, I obviously didn't do a good enough job of explaining it. They know me better than anybody. But, hopefully, everyone gets it now. The toilets will obviously get cleaned and the clothes will get folded. I just don't need to punish myself if it doesn't happen exactly when or how I think it should.

With all that said, I'm not depressed, I'm not sad. I just finally realized that I was looking at everything all wrong and that the cold never bothered me anyway.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Smart Cookies

I'm feeling so uninspired with blogging. I've fallen into a rut. I need to start somewhere so here it steps.

Yesterday Emily and Ben had assemblies. They both received awards.

Emily got Honor Roll. She missed Principal's List, all A's, by 1%.

Ben got Principal's List.

We are proud of them. School comes fairly easy to both of them. It doesn't take a lot of work or effort, which I guess is good. School was never hard for me either and I was happy to skate by with all A's and B's and do as little work as possible. They must get that from me. Funny, their lack of effort drives me batty sometimes, yet I was the same way. Paybacks.

I thought about not doing the blog anymore. But, I'll keep going. I know my kiddos will appreciate it one day. I need to find the little things and write about them. With my phone, ipad, and kindle, there is no reason why I can't put forth a little more effort. Oh crap, see I do it now as an adult too.

Oh, here's one. A few weeks ago Noah came to me and said, "You know those Pirates from the Pirates of the Carrots and Bean ride at Disneyland? Are they real?"

Carrots and Bean? You mean Caribbean? He makes me laugh.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Last winter, we had no snow. We had some flurries, but we went the whole winter without being able to make one snowball.

This winter, it seems Mother Nature is making up making up for lost time with one of the best snowfalls we've had since we've lived here. We probably got 4 inches yesterday and another 4 today. The funny thing is I have Aunts in Chicago and Nova Scotia, Canada and neither has gotten this much snow. Crazy!

Here's my overload of photos. I'm making up for last year. Speaking of which, I took out the snow pants and boots and my kids can barely fit in them. Typically, snow clothes run big, but after 2 years, my kids could barely get in them. Emily is 10 and wearing a size 6 bibs. She had to leave the shoulder straps down, otherwise, it was very uncomfortable. Ben is in a 5T and he's almost 9. His are way too short. And Noah is in a 3T. He's 5. They fit fine. I'm hitting clearance racks in a few months and buying everybody a size bigger.

Yesterday, it started coming down and the kids couldn't wait to get out there.

It started with a few flurries.

And turned to this in a few hours.

Emily was doing cartwheels. Not a surprise.

Ben in his favorite Sasquatch hat.

Noah making big snowballs, which he then threw at me.

Ben was throwing snowballs at me too. Not nice.

Even Rocko likes the snow.

And more fun...

Then, David came home at lunch before the roads got bad and finished the day working from home. I know it's just a little snow, but I think our town has 1 snow plow, so roads can get bad quickly.

David had to play first.

Seriously, my husband gets way too into throwing snowballs. Look at his nice form.

He'd throw snowballs at the wall and Rocko, who loves balls, would try to chase the ball up the wall.

Then, the kids moved to the front yard.

Ben puts his head in the door and asks me for a carrot. So, I bring a carrot and hat out, only to find he built the worlds smallest snowman.

Then, he built one for the mail lady.

More snow fun...

This morning, we woke up to a bunch of new powder. I'm not feeling so great. I have a cold and cough that won't quit. So, David took the kids to the park to sled. All of our friends were there. I love that they go and we knew like 5 families there. I love small towns.

This guy always makes a great run for the kids and puts in a bump and everything. The kids love it!

Their faces say it all. They had a blast.

The snow will be gone by tomorrow, and the kids just have a few more days of winter break. Then, it's back to the grind.


Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Catching Up

I have about 15 hours left in 2014, so I thought I should catch up the blog and start fresh for next year.

Here's a recap of our last 8 days.

First, I don't have any pictures, but we adopted a family for Christmas. So, on the 23rd we took presents over to the three kids and coats for the parents. We brought them a ham with all the fixings to make up a dinner. They were very appreciative and it was nice to do something that my kids will remember. It was great to see who the gifts went to and meet them.

Grammie was here from the 13-28th. Noah and her got along splendidly this visit.

We headed down to my Dad and Suzy's for Christmas Eve. Here's my Aunt Billie and cousin Mike. God love Aunt Billie. She's 80 or something like that and her memory is going. She's in great physical health though which is wonderful. This is my Mom's sister.

Here's Suzy's daughter Nikki and her two kiddos.

Tiffany and Auna.

The kids were so excited to open presents.

Here's some of the crowd.

Noah played Santa and handed out gifts. Well, for like 2 minutes, then he was over it.

He got all his gifts and was ready to go. These kids are super spoiled.

Christmas Day at our house. I really tried to scale back some this year. We just have too much stuff. Also, the kids aren't getting big things anymore like train tables and barbie mansions. It's DS games and small stuff, so that made it nice too. We had nothing to assemble. It was lovely.

I took the kids to the Dollar store to pick out gifts for us. Noah got David a zombie finger puppet. I think Noah was pretty happy about this gift.

Christmas evening, the cousins and Aunt Alisa showed up from North Carolina.

There was more gifts...

And big dinners.

Here's our deep fried turkey.

Emily and Rachel just happen to have the same shirt.

They played minecraft and other video games.

And they played outside.

Here's the gang with Grammie.

And that was Christmas! It was lovely.

Now, it's the last day of 2014, and we are expecting 3-5 inches of snow. It just started, but it's supposed to snow for 2 days! FUN!


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Party

For seven years, we've had a Christmas party with our great group of friends in our neighborhood. We used to do it at someone house, but over the years, the group has gotten too big. Now, we rent out the clubhouse and it makes it way easier on everyone.

There is lots of yummy food.

We hang out and catch up with friends.

Our friend Mark read a book and told about the birth of Christ.

Then, Santa comes and the kids say Christ who? We want presents. :)

He calls each kid up and gives them a present.

Emily got a Minecraft blind box. You don't know what's in it until you open it and then, surprise! It was wrapped in a bigger box because last year she was the last person called and was almost in tears. So, Santa put it in a bigger box knowing that the little box would head straight to the bottom of his bag. Smart Santa.

Ben's turn.

He got Steve from Minecraft.

Noah's turn.

He got a ninja turtle. Shocker.

All the kids were super interested to see what Emily got in her blind box.

It was a great party, and we are so fortunate to have such great friends.