Friday, July 3, 2015

Vacation, Day 1

We have an early morning flight out to Seattle tomorrow. And then a two hour drive up and across the border. Then, an hour to the ferry in Vancouver. Then, a 45 minute ferry ride. So, we wanted to get an early start to the day. But, we didn't really want to leave Prescott at 3 AM. Since David had today off for the holiday, we decided to head to Phoenix and stay at a resort that has a nice waterpark. There are three big slides, a lazy river and wave pool. Total fun. My bestie Pam was going to join us for the day by the pool too!

So, we check in and they give us four wrist bands for the waterpark, since the room is supposed to hold only 4 people. Um, 2 queen beds and a pull out sofa. Whatevs? They want to charge me $37.50 for Noah. What? He's not even tall enough to ride the slides. I didn't even have to throw a fit and the guy very nicely gave me a wristband for him for free. Nice. So, my best friend is coming to join us. Oh, she'll cost $47.50. What? I was not happy. I mean, the water park is okay, but real water parks with 10 times the stuff aren't even that expensive.

So, I went down to access the situation. We went down the slides. We went to the wave pool. I looked out and see Noah laying on his tube spinning in circles like he's on the teacups.

Then, we had some fries. We shared two baskets for lunch. Since a burger was $15. Fries were $8. It was nuts. We are just not resort folk.

Then, I went back to the room and called Pam.  The kids at the entrance of the water park were more interested in FB than who was coming and going.  I told Pam, I could make her a wristband out of our cut off leftovers.  There's a good reason to always bring scotch tape on a trip.  She turned it around, so the tape wasn't showing and we both waltzed right in.

I told the kids that sometimes it's okay to break the rules.  Like when we are already spending a lot of money to stay here and they want to charge $50 more for Pam to go down a slide twice and do a few laps in the lazy river.  If the rules are ridiculous than you can break them. HA!

Your guest ware welcome at their regular pools, just not the water park.  So, after several hours, we went to the regular pool.

Here's Em loving on her daddy.

Then, they decided it would be a good idea to jump on this giant beach ball.  I think they all thought they would be able to balance.  NOT!

Then, he thought he'd try it again.  This time using more force and concentration.
Oddly enough, it still didn't work.

Noah crawling around.

Pam had to try it.

She failed too.

But, she tried again, just like David.  These fools never learned.  It was so fun to just sit back and watch and take photos.

Emily tried it several times and failed too.

Then, we ordered some pizza and salads delivered.  And, we went back in the water park again.  The wrist band worked perfectly for a second time.  I'm a genius.

We wake up at 5 and start our journey to Canada tomorrow.  Night nite!

Noah Growing Up

Em made this video of Noah yesterday. She's doing great making these.

Ben's is next, but now we are leaving for vacation, so it may have to wait.


Thursday, July 2, 2015

Around Our House

I keep going to my blog and wondering why there are no updates. I guess that's my job. I think about blogging, but just don't seem to find the time.

David was out of town the other night, so the kids and I all had a sleep over in my king size bed. It actually wasn't too bad. Emily slept sideways on the foot of the bed and the boys and I were at the top. It's a good thing my kids are little. Enjoy it why they are still little, right?

We did our patriotic visit at the rest home. It went well. Our audience was smaller than normal since Bingo was going on down the hall. I mean, how can we compete with that? But, the kids did great.

Em and her friend, Ava, played a duet since they were both playing the same song. It turned out great.

Ok, now it's finishing up work and back to packing. We head out for our trip tomorrow and my Mom comes up to watch our dog and I have a million things to do. We are doing our trip in reverse order this year, Canada first then Idaho. And that's about as crazy as we get around here.

Stay tuned for 13 days of picture overload!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Em Growing Up

My kids never cease to amaze me at how much they know. Somehow, Emily found pictures on youtube from my blog and made a slide show. I don't even know how my pictures are there, but whatevs. It's cute and I'm proud of her first slideshow.

In other news, we are leaving for our 13 day vacation in about 36 hours and I didn't have a thing packed until about 2 hours ago. It's crazy here.


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Music Camp / Father's Day / Covenant Men

I'm catching up for the week, so here it goes.

Em had music camp for three days last week. It was themed and she had so much fun.

First was 50's day. This ended up being Emily's favorite era. While I was fixing her hair and tying the scarf, she said, "Did you wear this in the 50's?". Um, sweet child, I was born in 1973!
music camp3

One of our neighbors has an old car, so he brought it over for pictures at the end of the day. Super fun!


Then, it was 70's day. This was either hippie or disco. We went hippie since we don't have any gogo boots around. Who am I kidding, I have gogo boots, but they aren't Em's size! But, look at my girl. She is stunning. She was made for headbands and crimped hair. Gorgeous.
music camp2

Then, it was off to the 80's. Now, this decade, I was alive for. So, I was trying to get her to do huge hair and lots of bracelets and color in her hair. But, Em is modest and just wanted minimal 80's. There was nothing minimal about the 80's, but that's my girl, and that's okay.
music camp 1

Today was Father's Day. I walked out of the bedroom, grabbed David's gift bag and my camera and was ready to celebrate. Um, my camera doesn't work. What???? It would turn on, but I was getting an error and the flash wouldn't come up. It wouldn't even snap a photo! No!!!!!!!!!! We went ahead with gifts and cards with my little point and shoot.

I always struggle since David's birthday is a week before. I never have enough gift ideas. But, we went minimal and David's fine with that. The kids filled in some funny Q and A's about Dad.



Then, we headed to church for David's Covenant Men ceremony. Basically, he's been in a men's group at church for a year. Each month, he had to read a book and fill out a workbook and do lots of soul searching. It's about being a better husband, father, and man in general. He spent so much time on this, and I'm so proud of him.

Each man is given a sword and plaque. Here are the swords. This would be the only decent photo I take with this camera.

Oh, here's David walking through the swords on his way to the stage. Ugh, dang you point and shoot. His picture was on the screens too, which I missed when we were there, but I can kind of make it out now.

Ugh, I miss my expensive camera.

Ugh, lighting, you always mess with me.

We got home and I was able to get the camera to work, but the flash doesn't work. I know any good photographer doesn't even use the flash on the camera. But, I'm not a good photographer. So, I am going to buy an external flash and pray that fixes the problem.

But, I did get these nice photos of David.

And Ben liked the sword. It's a real sword, so it is getting mounted on the wall or something since the kids would play samarai and kill each other with it.

Then, I made David chocolate cake and lasagna. I hope he had a good day. He truly is such a wonderful father. I know everyone says that, but seriously, I had the best Dad growing up (still do! Love you Daddy) and it's no wonder that I married an amazing man who became an unbelievable Dad.

We are so lucky.

Speaking of lucky, the kids are going to camp at church this week. Monday through Thursday 9-3. Lucky me! :)


Monday, June 15, 2015

David's Birthday and A Weekend With Friends

We started the weekend celebrating David's birthday. Just a few cards and gifts. You know, nothing says happy birthday like some new work shirts and Dockers.

Then, we headed to Payson for a camping trip with our friends. I say camping, but we have a cabin. It's kind of bare bones in that you have to bring your own bedding and towels and the stove doesn't work. But, hey, it has electricity and air conditioning. For us, it felt like a resort.

David was doing some trick where he puts a lit match in his mouth and then it goes out and he blows out the smoke. The kids thought it was pretty cool. This is as close as my husband gets to smoking. Well, other than him being smokin' hot. ;)

We basically all stay in different cabins. Several families join together and get the bigger cabins. So, we do all the cooking and everything in those. The boys got busy getting in trouble. I was just waiting for Ben to fall or Noah to go in that nasty water. But, they didn't.

It was funny though...Noah was climbing that white rail. Well, he was going around the outside. He came to the tree that Ben was on and decided to swing on the branch. Then, he realized he couldn't get back to the rail. We were chatting with our friends and I hear this little "help me". I ran to the rail and held him up. David ran around and got him. It was like a two foot drop, but Noah didn't know that. It was hysterical. We were in action in seconds.

Just a few friends were there, so we headed to the creek.

Then, all the kids kept going up the creek and we couldn't see them, so we sent Aunt Pam after them since she was the only adult with water shoes. Thanks, Aunt Pam!

The boys made a surf board.

Me and Pam.

Everyone brings food. We have themed meals, like Mexican and people sign up for main dish, side, etc. It was David's birthday and one of the girls brought key lime pie. It was soooo good. We sang to David.

Ben was telling David some story that had like 27 chapters.

And the kids were obsessed with the crawdads again.

The next day, we headed to the deeper part of the creek.

There was a lot more water this year, than last. This is how it works all weekend. You just kind of all help each other with kids. The Dads had an assembly line going passing kids down this steep part. It's so fun.
So, all the kids get passed down and I look down and Noah is half way up the hill. David had to go get him.
Here are all the kids swimming.

The water wasn't too cold, but it did have teeny tiny leeches in it. They were about 1/2 inch long. And after a swim, you'd have a couple on you. My kids thought it was a little gross, but it didn't stop them from swimming. I'm going to show them Stand By Me sometime and they will really get grossed out.

Ben used the waterfall as a slide, about 100 times.

If Ben could make money jumping rocks, he would. He loves it.

So, Noah had to follow Ben and was proud he made it over there by himself.

It was so different this year. Maybe my kids are just growing up or they are just getting more outdoorsy or both. But, they were awesome and needed little to no help doing anything.

They have a ropes obstacle course at the camp too, which was super fun.
Even Noah made it across without any help.
And you know David had to try it. He's a 44 year old kid.


And then it rained for a few hours. No surprise there. If you want it to rain in Arizona, just invite us camping. Luckily, we just went back to our cabin and rested. It was nice.

We were resting and Aunt Pam was doing another sangria.

The sun came out and there was more playing.

And drinking for Pam.... :)

We made another trip down to the watering hole that afternoon. The next morning, we did some ziplining.

It was time to go. We have a group photo, but we only used one persons camera, so I'll have to put that up here when we get it. On the way home, we decided to head to this place called Water Wheel Falls in Payson. Why not try a different swimming place on the way home. So, I read about it and it said it was 1/4 mile to the falls. Um, I don't think that person knows how to measure. It was closer to a mile and completely like rock climbing the whole way. That wasn't the problem. We were cool with the hike. We weren't okay with the fact that I just grabbed one bottle of water for all of us and no hats.

It looks nice, right?
What you can't tell from the photos is that it was so hot outside. I'm talking 90's and humid and the sun was beating down. Well, we can just get in the water, right? Wrong. The water was like Titanic cold. We were either going to suffer from heat stroke or hypothermia. Either way, it was nuts. We had to use the water to splash on our heads and neck, but there was no way we could get in it. We aren't wimps either. We ocean swim when the water is in the high 50's. This water felt like an ice bath. The only reason it wasn't frozen is because it was moving and close to 100 outside.

We made it back to the car alive and downed water and lemonade. Then, this happened, shocker, right? Ben was on his DS.


It was another great weekend. But, I'm glad we aren't going anywhere for almost 3 weeks.