Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Director of Operations

I just watched this video that's floating around Facebook from Cardstore.com.

It's rather funny and completely true. As a Mom, you do, do, do, do and when you feel like you can't do anymore, you do. I know my Mom did this for me, and now, I do it for my kids. It's exhausting and wonderful all at the same time.

I've talked about August and having all 3 of my kids in school all day. I've thought about what I would do. I used to love doing hot yoga with my BFF Pam when we were single. It would be a Saturday morning. I'd leave my house, run by Einsteins to get us bagels and then pick her up and head to the Yoga studio. I LOVE hot yoga. When I was looking up what I may do with my time in August, I looked up hot yoga. We live in a small town and the closest studio was 30 minutes away. I knew if I had to drive for an hour just to get to yoga, it wouldn't happen. But just like that, the stars have aligned.

A hot yoga studio just opened up in our town. A 15 minute drive from my house and right by the grocery stores that I'll be visiting twice a week anyway. I am beyond stoked. It may have to wait until August since school is out in a month and we are gone more than we are home this summer. We have 3 camping trips planned and a 15 day trip around the Northwest of the US and Southwest of Canada. In any case, I am so looking forward to channeling my inner yogi.

In other news, Noah finally learned how to blow his nose today! He seriously couldn't blow it. I held his lips together and told him to breathe in through his nose. Then, out through his nose. And just like that he finally got it, and boogers were all over my fingers. I didn't even care. After all, I am the Director of Operations.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

More About Flat Stanley and Yellow Submarines

It seems that the older generation does't have a clue about Flat Stanley So, he's a character in a series of books for around 2nd grade. A bookcase falls on him and he gets flattened, but he's okay. The good news is he can now fit in an envelope and get mailed all over the world to discover new places.

A lot of schools do this as a fun project and mail Stanley to people in other states. Ask friends to take pictures, etc and mail Stanley back. One time our friend Sharlene in Connecticut sent us her sons Flat Stanley. Oh boy did he have fun a margarita night.

Oh that Flat Stanley was the life of the party. Him and Jose Cuervo. We obviously, didn't send those photos back to the second grade class. But, it's a fun little project for kids to do. Ben's class is just taking Stanley around on their own adventures. He is not being mailed across the country.

In other news, Noah's new favorite song is Yellow Submarine. He was being shy at first when I started filming this. He lets loose at the 30 second mark.

That kid makes me laugh. I'm starting to think I may really miss him in August.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Flat Stanley, Molars and Baby

Ben made a Flat Stanley at school. We are supposed to document having fun with him and bring him back next week. Ben thinks this is super fun. Noah likes Stanley too and made his own. 

Emily came home from school not feeling great. I think it's just allergies, but she said she coughed all day.  She's also had a loose molar for a week that's been bothering her. She asked for peas for dinner. What 9 year old asks for peas for dinner?  One bite and out it came. She was so happy. 

My best friend Pam's little sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy today. He's seriously adorable. Their journey is just starting and I'm so happy for them. 
Babies are the best!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Around Our House

Noah came home from preschool on Friday and he had made a treasure map. He thought it was the best thing ever. He found our picnic basket and put the map in it. Then, he put himself in it. I think he thought he would be the treasure. And he is! I mean seriously, could this kid be any cuter? Nope!

With the unusually warm winter, we're already well past our normal highs. Our typical rule is no garden until after Mother's Day. We got a jump on it this year. Noah helped with the compost.

And he helped till the garden. He was trying to put his foot on this little spade like David was doing with the shovel.

He helped me plant all the seeds too. Why are there no pictures of Emily and Ben. Well, they were inside on their Nintendo DS and tablet.

All that work this weekend, made David and Noah a little tired. There's nothing better than a nap with Dad on Sunday afternoon.

Aren't they sweet?

The countdown is already on for the end of school. Thirty something days! And we have big plans for summer! Camping, swimming, 2 weeks in Idaho and Canada. It's going to be a good time!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Innocence and Habits

Emily would kill me if she knew I wrote about this, but this blog is to write about their lives and I feel this is an important part of her life. Emily has been a thumb sucker since she found her thumb at 3 months old. There was a whole production about 4 years ago when Thumbelina, The Thumb Sucking Fiary, came to visit and brought her a gift. She said she'd be back in a month with another gift if Emily stopped sucking her thumb. We used Mavala Stop, which is the nastiest nail polish ever. It worked! Then, two months later, I went in to the hospital to have a premature baby. I was gone from my family for 21 days. Emily started Kindergarten without her Mom here to pack her lunch or fix her hair. Her little world was rocked, and she found comfort in an old friend, her thumb.

We've tried to break the habit over the years, but not seriously enough. I started to notice that Emily's front teeth were bucking out a little. Emily's teeth are very nice otherwise, so I encouraged her to stop. And by encourage, I mean threaten her with a trip to the Orthodontist. We went back to Mavala Stop. We painted her nail every night. She even got to the point that she'd paint her own nail at night. And just like that, she was done.

It's been over 9 years for my girl, but she finally kicked the habit. I'm so proud of her. And, I'm glad she doesn't read my blog all that often and she'll probably not know that I wrote this for years. Then, she'll want to kill me. But, isn't that what mothers are for?

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Biker Boy

Noah had a bike a thon fundraiser at preschool on Friday. He was excited to go and bike with his class.

We registered and went out to the track. We were 15 minutes early. Noah wanted to start riding, so off he went.

They had a fire truck there too. Noah kept going in circles.

He was very serious.

He did about 20 laps and then they had them line up to start the race.

The police officer gave the kids some rules of the road. And one of the pastors at the church led us all in prayer.

And off they went! This cop is hanging out handing out citations for speed violations and no turn signal! Kidding, his daughter was racing.

Six laps in, Noah needed a break! Now mind you, he did another 20 that didn't officially count. He was super impressed with the snack bar they had out for the kids to pick whatever they wanted.

After snacks, he got back on his bike and did more laps. Then, he called it quits.

Firepal Rick put him in the firetruck!

And gave him a helmet!

It was a super fun morning!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Cousins at the Park

David's sister, Alisa, is great about getting the kids out and about. She loaded them all up in the back of her rental car and took them to the park. Don't worry, it's less than 2 blocks away. It's better than the back of a pick up truck which is how we rolled in the 70's. Once my parents drove us from Phoenix to L.A. in the back of a pick up a truck. The lesson I learned from that is don't ever open a can of soda in the back of a pick up truck traveling at high speeds. The soda goes everywhere.

I digress.... Here are the cute kids on the way to the park.

This looks like fun!

He's part monkey.

I love this pic of the boys!

This is cute too if Noah would get would look at the camera and not yell.

And put his tongue in his mouth... Oh vay...

Miss Rachel looking pretty with bubbles. Where did they get bubbles?

Slides are for climbing on to of, right?

Now, the cousins are gone and the house is back to it's quiet boring self. Grammie is staying on for a few more days. Emily challenged her to a game of Scrabble.

Noah is back to "helping".

The cousins and Aunt Munchie will be missed.